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Red Smoke Bomb

Red Smoke Bombs

Red Smoke Bomb Photography

Get creative with red smoke photography. Weddings, senior pictures, team entrances, couple photography, Valentines Day photos, Christmas photos, birthdays, are only a few ideas how red smoke bombs can be used in your photoshoot.

Red Smoke Bomb Use Cases

Here are a few favorite Red Smoke Bomb Uses:

  • Graduation Photos
  • Wedding Photos
  • Gender Reveal Photos and Videos
  • Proposal Photos
  • Engagement Photos
  • Sports Photos and Videos
  • Holiday Gatherings, Parties, and Activities (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve)
  • Family Portraits
  • Team Entrance for football, soccer,  and baseball 
  • Red smoke for goals and home runs
  • Senior Photos

You can use red smoke bombs in lots of different ways.

Red Smoke Bombs for Valentine’s Day

Use your red smoke bomb to create a romantic Valentine’s Day photoshoot. Red smoke bombs are a notable way to frame a couple photoshoot, or engagement photoshoot. I have seen people create a heart in the background on a still day with red smoke for that perfect heart shaped photo with your loved one. A proposal on Valentine’s Day would be perfect to capture the moment with a red smoke bomb in the background for a forever photo.These type of photos are not only magical but they create a memory that is unforgettable in your one of a kind photograph. The red smoke bomb will elevate the photograph to a new level that will make it not only unique, but a forever memory. Do you want the smoke floating behind you or thick smoke in the photo to create drama? Consider exactly what you are trying to achieve with your smoke bomb photoshoot.