Return/Refund Policy

If there is an issue with the order or any product contained within, customers should email with your order number to discuss. 

As we stand behind our products, should one be found faulty or defective, we will refund the customer the unit price for the product(s). The refund will be processed to the same card that the transaction was made on within 14 days.

We do request proof of the faulty unit be provided – pictures, video, etc. We ask for picture or video so we can send it to our manufacturer. It is very obvious when the smoke was pulled incorrectly, so make sure to read the instructions on how to ignite them.

Once a package is already in transit it cannot be refunded, changed, altered, stopped or redirected due to federal law surrounding shipping of Hazmat declared items. 

Orders will only be refunded in full if cancelled prior to shipping and/or FedEx/UPS has been found at fault for the customers order issue. Once the order has been shipped, we cannot cancel nor fully refund your order (unless you have defective devices). 

We do not accept returns. Simply because shipping products via hazmat is nearly impossible for the average citizen, as smoke grenades are one of the most highly regulated and expensive products to ship. Often times you need a special permit to even ship through Hazmat, and local/retail shipping places do not handle explosive devices, such as ours.

These units do have a shelf life of 7-10 years.  We recommend storing them on a shelf in a dry place and using them for a future event, photoshoot, party, holiday, celebration, or just for fun!

I'm a nice guy (being from Minnesota and all) - and always want to make sure you're happy with your order. I do my best to ensure this and will happily refund you in the unlikely event of having duds.

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