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  • Long lasting, big clouds, vibrant colors
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  • ~90 Seconds of output
  • 8-10 Year shelf life

The Best Red, White, and Blue Smoke Bombs

Shutter Bombs has been the premium smoke bomb provider since 2017, with over half a million units igniting smiles across the U.S. Unveil a jaw-dropping 90-second cascade of intensely vibrant colors, expertly designed with a reliable 8+ year shelf life. The size of a pop can, but packing a punch of visual grandeur, it's the trusted choice of Hollywood producers, emergency services, and everyday adventurers. Don't just capture the moment, own it; add Shutter Bombs to your cart and let your world burst into sensational colors!

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100% Product guarantee - no questions asked

Long Lasting smoke, thick clouds

Over 1 MILLION smoke bombs shipped

Every photographers favorite smoke bomb

Approved by CPSC (Consumer product safety commission)

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Best Colored Smoke Bombs

"Now that the ATF requires a federal explosive license to buy ring-pull smoke bombs, I never thought I'd get my hands on quality smoke again. These did NOT disappoint, large clouds and colors that lingered through the entire neighborhood!"

Best Smoke Grenades EVER!

"I like that their products are easy to use and even complete beginners can employ one of their bombs for their videography or photography project without any issues. Read the full review about us from"

best gender reveal smoke bombs

gender reveal smoke bombs

We listened to your feedback and the discrete labeled gender reveal smoke bombs are here!

best smoke bombs for photographers

"Great value high quality smoke bombs which add depth and mystery to any photo shoot" - Shotkit

Smoke Bombs Near Me

Unfortunately, we had to close all of our brick and mortar stores during covid. Our website is the only place you can buy our smoke bombs.

Colored smoke sticks

Civilian Smoke Grenades

Inspected and approved by the consumer product safety commission