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SBFX Smoke Bombs
Enrique (Houston, US)
Vibrant smokes

I used these for a photo shoot with my car (3 purple and 3 blue) and the results speak for themselves. These last about 1 - 1min and 30 seconds, plenty of time to get pictures and videos. No issues with the smoke whatsoever, the only thing i will say is that the entire stick gets hot once lit, so DO NOT pick it up during and after it's been lit.

@sup.ddy and @song_dv (photo credits for the attached pictures) if you would like to see more of the smoke action.

SBFX Smoke Bombs
Elisha R. (Fisherville, US)
Absolutely stunning!!

I could not wait to try these smoke bombs out for the first time! I was like a child on Christmas morning! I loved them so much that I immediately ordered more the same day we used them!

Red, White & Blue Smoke Bombs
Emma J. (Rochester, US)
Got the job done

Used these for a patriotic photoshoot. Worked really well. I’ve used smoke bombs with a pull ring to light them in the past, but I got these because of the fuse that you light. I personally think that lighting the fuse works way better than the pull ring and it’s safer since you don’t need to be holding the smoke bomb to light it. Colors were great, and the amount of smoke was great too.

SBFX Smoke Bombs
Kevin A. (Green Bay, US)
Didn’t know what to expect.

Upon receiving my package of smoke bombs I ran outside like a little kid at Christmas half expecting to be disappointed, however much to my amazement they exceeded my expectations. I am throughly experienced with military smoke grenades and these are very similar. I carry a couple whenever I go hiking, do any work in less populated areas and I will be using when I go play paintball. They work great for concealment and a cheaper and easier to get alternative to military surplus smoke grenades.

SBFX Smoke Bombs
Victor M. (Norfolk, US)
Great vibrant color smokes for my photography- ART

The smoke bombs were amazing — they arrived in a timely matter — and definitely gave us more then what we expected— thank you for your help and quality material

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs
Taylor M. (Starkville, US)
Great Gender Reveal Must-Have

I ordered 2 of the smoke bombs for a reveal and they turned out great!! Put out vibrant color and lasted for as long as we needed them to!! Amazing company!!

Smoke Bombs for Photographers (2 pack)
Gabrielle E. (Robstown, US)
Exactly what I had hoped for

Definitely very easy to use. 90 seconds goes by fast so you definitely need to be prepared before lighting off with your photographer, wind direction and position if outdoors. All in all, great experience and will use them again! Didn’t smell or have issues with the smoke blowing around me like I was afraid of.

SBFX Smoke Bombs
Andrew M. (Gilbert, US)

Absolutely breathtaking performance.

Perfect for gender reveal parties

These were perfect for my brother and sister in laws baby shower! Great product and highly recommend.

Launch Pad Bundle (18)
Tyler D. (Tallahassee, US)
Amazing customer service!

There was a small hiccup with my order when I received it so I reached out to the company. They were expeditious and amicable in rectifying the situation. Amazing product and amazing customer service!

Launch Pad Bundle (18)
Duane M. (Casa Grande, US)
Still on the shelf for later

Good deal on something I had been watching. Waiting for the right opportunity to use them.

SBFX Smoke Bombs
Carol B. (Boulder, US)
Good in a Large Space

One ‘bomb’ filled a really large airplane hangar perfectly for photo/video project.

SBFX Smoke Bombs
Jay R. (Chesapeake, US)
Airsoft battle fog

I purchased several colors for my teens for their airsoft campaigns. Needless to say they were happily used by the adults. The boys still loved them. Will be purchasing more.

Smoke Bomb Variety Pack (9)
Stephen N. (Springdale, US)
Great Expectations

Very vibrant color with an impressive sustained plume. Would recommend to anyone looking for a gender reveal or just some smoke for pictures and such.

SBFX Smoke Bombs
Paul M. (Big Prairie, US)
Great service great products

I have been using these for a few years. Never disappointed

SBFX Smoke Bombs
James B. (Charlotte, US)

If you like dealing with a company that respects your business this is the place. Jake takes care of you in a personal manner. Answering all your questions. His smoke bombs are the best I have ever seen. Color is brilliant and long lasting.

SBFX Smoke Bombs
Johnny F. (Tampa, US)
Great concealment

Made my purchase for a paint ball competition. Thrilled everyone and have many references as to where to purchase . Great tactical deployment , great afternoon of good friends having some actIon guy time. Great purchase at a great price.

SBFX Smoke Bombs
Scottie J. (Northport, US)
Your Bombs are the BOMB!!!

I love incorporating smoke bombs into my sports photography shoots! I always get amazing shots with your Bombs!!

SBFX Smoke Bombs
R.M. (Forsyth, US)
Big smoke

These smoke bombs are unreal. They are worth the money.

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs
Ayne G. (Salt Lake City, US)
One and done!

I ordered this at a last minute change to a gender reveal party. Our first options fulfillment time for shipping would be WELL after the party date. I bought this as a back up on 9 days from the party. I revived it in 3! It was great at first I thought I was cutting it close. But nevertheless, I then opened the package and noticed the size of the EG WP40 bomb. I knew there would be approximately 40-50 people in attendance. The area I was covering was about 20’X30’ outside. I regretted not buying 2! But the one bomb did more than enough! There was no visible residue left on anything other than the ballon arch we had placed. (I know it was definitely too close to that-) The mom-to-be wore a white dress and stood pretty close the the bomb, she didn’t get any residue on her dress at all! Also, ITS A GIRL! Yay.

Rainbow Pack Smoke Bombs (7)
Julius S. (The Bronx, US)

The delivery time ,Perfect quality as described. I have purchased one time from another company.
Night and day. Products as described great quality.. Im ready to purchase again for my sons upcoming wedding, pictures will follow.!!! Thank You ,TO YOUR ENTIRE STAFF.

SBFX Smoke Bombs
ryan c. (Mission Viejo, US)
Great product and super fast shipping will buy again!

As the title states! I was looking for these about a year ago for a company doing some promo photography and the project got put on hold. Well fast forward to today we are moving forward. I ordered and a few days later it was here. Products work as described and pretty glad I got the 90 sec burn As it’s plenty !!

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs
Baylie G. (Broken Arrow, US)
Such a fun reveal!

The pink smoke was so pretty and such a great way to reveal. We bought two bombs of each color as we are expecting twins. Unfortunately one of the bombs didn't blow any smoke when the wire was pulled but we luckily had the second one in order to see the color. Still worked out great!

Holy Smokes

You have made 2 kids very happy with your smoke grenades. We were in awe with the vibrant colors and smoke duration. They are addicting to play with. And 2 of my family members are going to start ordering from you. Outstanding job Jake! Thank you Sgtmaj Panter

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs
Ted F. (Modesto, US)
Awesome show

We used the smoke bomb for a gender reveal volcano and it worked perfect and was an awesome smoke show.