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Incredible product that does not disappoint!!

The smoke bomb was perfect! Easy to use and the color was amazing! Shipped quickly and was here early. Customer service was awesome!! My niece was thrilled with the product. Had lots of questions about how to order for all occasions!! Highly recommend Shutter Bombs!

The gender reveal smoke bomb was magical!

We only bought one shutterbomb for this. Which we realized we should have bought two, one to practice with. Wasn’t a big deal however, because we successfully pulled off the reveal with just the one. Everyone really enjoyed the presentation. The smoke was vibrant and lasted 90 seconds. It was a unique experience!

Perfect Reveal !

The smoke was the perfect amount of smoke for the reveal. It gave off the right amount of smoke for pictures and the beginning before any smoke came out was just the amount of suspense we needed. I definitely recommend. I am so pleased with the customer service experience as well. Thank you!

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs - Discrete Labels
Margarita S. (Cincinnati, US)


Enola Gaye WP40 - Original Size Smoke Bomb
Kamrin M. (Los Angeles, US)
One of a kind

I absolutely love this company! I use only Thor products in my shoots. The colors are vibrant and they last just long enough. They are also safe for the environment and that was something that was really important to me. I love them so much that I gave them their own page on my website.

Don’t waste your time and money on other smoke grenades!

Made the moment extremely memorable!!

Bought 2 EG18 for my friends gender reveal(Only Keeper of the Gender). It was perfect she was so surprised and loved it! The vibrancy of the colors were amazing. Everyone kept asking where I got them from. A must recommend!!!

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs - Discrete Labels
Crystal H. (Alexandria, US)

The bombs were exactly as expected. The color was so vibrant and made pictures look amazing !

Micro Shutter Bombs

These were awesome, wished they lasted longer, but then again, they did say micro! Loved them and they were a great prop for our photo shoot!

It was great a lot of smoke just what I wanted thank you 100% recommended

Smoke show bombs

I really enjoyed using the smoke bombs for my son’s senior photos. I even used a mini for his prom photos. This was one of my fave pics. My only complaint would be that the bomb was a little hot to hold once finished. I WILL use them again!!!


Thank you ShutterBomd! This was so much better than I had hoped for! Your product descriptions are spot on! They made our gender reveal party next level!

Best Smoke Bomb Ever!

Best color bright pink perfect for my Daughters Gender Reveal. Best purchase. Thanks so much for making it a great reveal!

It’s great buy


The bomb was perfect for our gender reveal. Easy to use and the color was very vibrant. I love the longevity of the smoke. The moment was beautiful:) thank you!

Enola Gaye EG18 Smoke Bomb
Gary B. (Tulsa, US)
Eat smoke bomb I’ve ever used!

We used this for a baby gender reveal and it was a big hit!

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs - Discrete Labels
Karbievskii P. (Buford, US)
Amazing Quality

We loved it for a gender reveal! Amazing quality and the smoke lasts for a while.

Gender Reveal Went Great!

I bought both pink and blue smoke bombs for the gender reveal and had the photographer ignite the correct color! Does happy with the smoke output, duration and vibrance. The pictures turned out great! 10/10 would recommend

Enola Gaye EG18 Smoke Bomb
Alma G.a.J.O. (Cleburne, US)

The role that your smoke bomb played at my gender reveal party was Epic!!!! 🤩🔥🔥😎✅ We will be buying from Shutterbombs again very soon!!!! #10/10recommend #ItsAGirl🎀💝

Great smoke bomb

I really liked this smoke bomb. We bought one EG18 to put behind my gender reveal set up and it definitely did the job. It produced a vibrant color that turned out great for our pics. The only thing is that it will take a couple of seconds(like 5 seconds) to start producing the smoke once you pull the string. So if you are doing a final countdown, then keep that in mind

Thank you for these awesome bombs

This product is amazing!!

I purchased this for my best friends gender reveal 💗, the bombs are so colorful and they last long enough for pictures, I purchased 3 large ones and it was more than enough. Delivery was fast however you need to sign for your own product, they don't allow anyone else to sign for you. After calling FedEx like 5 times and going to an office where they couldn't assist. I was able to reach to someone and the hade pick it up at a neaw FedEx wearhouse. Will definitely purchase again!

Perfect for gender reveal !!!

Such a pretty experience knowing the gender of the baby with smoke bombs. I bought 3 smoke bombs and it was the perfect quantity to put behind the marquee letters to reveal the gender. Such a beautiful experience !

Best smoke bombs ever 💣

My Foto shooting came out pretty good! We did it inside in my barn, zero wind, very important if you want to do it out side. I know it’s not recommended for inside but barn is fine for me. I really recommend that stuff for a foto shooting, very happy!

Enola Gaye EG18x Smoke Bomb
B.K. (Otsego, US)
Smoker in the neighborhood

Having fun on the fourth of July.

Original 'MERICA Pack (WP40)
Jude R. (Patchogue, US)
Absolutely love this product

Always reliable and always shipped fast. Probably the best smoke bomb site you can find.