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Original Shutter Bomb (EG WP40)
Mike W. (Muskegon, US)
Very good and just as nice and fun as their videos portray.

These smokes live up to their description(s). I have had hundreds of US military, foreign military, and commercial smokes for personal use, reenactments, and sale. Shutter Bomb smokes are as good as anything I have had and, in some ways, better. Very little or no odor and vibrant colors. The price cannot be beat, especially if you buy in bulk. Do not hesitate to order.

Professional Smoke Bomb (EG18)
Tara P. (Manassas, US)
Top Notch

I couldn’t be more happier. Shutterbombs exceeded my expectation! I was surprised how fast I received my package. Let me tell you about the smoke bombs! They were awesome and lasted a long time, more then expected. I love the way my photo shoot turned out.
You’ve gained a loyal customer!

Original 'MERICA Pack (WP40)
Sean A. (Albuquerque, US)
Love the Colors

The Shutterbomb smoke devices added an amazing amount of color to this dance themed photo shoot

Professional Rainbow Pack
Jeanette G. (San Antonio, US)
Loved them ❤️

I purchased the 90 second smoke bombs for my photoshoot with my best friend and the smoke came out awesome for the pictures.

Professional Smoke Bomb (EG18)
SimplyWillson (Walled Lake, US)

I always order from Shutterbombs for ALL of my photography sessions!
Not only are they long lasting but, the colors are SO vibrant!
You will NOT be disappointed!!!

Professional Rainbow Pack
Andrea V. (Fremont, US)
Amazing smoke bombs

I bought them for my son's pregnancy announcement and they were amazing. We did rainbow color. It was amazing the color doesn't stain your clothes or body.

Brilliant Color!

This was a great option for our gender reveal. I loved it.

Vibrant Super bright Smoke Bomb

These smoke bombshell were amazing!!!! Filled up my whole backyard with beautiful hot pink smoke. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I bought two and only one was needed for sure. Sniping was superrrr faster than it said. I got it within 4-5 bus days.

Professional Smoke Bomb (EG18)
Megan C. (Vancouver, US)
SFX photoshoot

These were perfect! We got the most beautiful shots of the makeup i created. I am not a professional photographer by any means but I do have the makeup piece down. These were foolproof and I snagged these images from my iPhone.

Gender reveal

This was great for my daughters gender reveal.

Original Shutter Bomb Rainbow Pack
JeCola D. (Norfolk, US)
Everything and more

We were so pleased with the product. Not only was the product amazing. But the delivery was fast and company kept you well informed. Will definitely use again and tell others!

Gender reveal success

We used the shutter bombs for our gender reveal and we could not have asked for better results! The color was awesome and the duration and amount of smoke cannot be beat!

The Big Daddy Smoke Bomb (EG18x)
Earl S. (Atlanta, US)
Birthday Car Reveal

It went off without a hitch! Will definitely be buying more for future events as they were very easy to use and made huge clouds!

Gender Reveal

I'm more than pleased with my order and the experience as a whole!!!!
I hosted my first ever gender reveal and my guests loved the dramatic effect of the bombs! I purchased 2(just because I'm extra).

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs - Discrete Labels
Katrina M. (Rio Grande City, US)
Amazing Results

My son drenched the first batch of shutter bombs into a pool and left this outside in the grass overnight.

The following day I discovered the shutter bombs and assumed they wouldn’t work. I ordered a second set.

The order was scheduled to arrive the day before my sisters gender reveal however it was rescheduled for the day of at 7:00pm. The reveal was scheduled for 5:30pm.

We patiently waited for them to arrive but they didn’t.

We decided to try the shutter bombs that were soaked in water, left outside in the grass overnight, and see if they would work.

Well… they did! And they worked beautifully! So I kept the 2nd batch for an event at my campus as our school colors are blue.

Dual Vent Smoke Bomb (Burst)
Blake H. (Loxahatchee Groves, US)
Best smoke bombs around

Great quality product and excellent customer service. You really can't go wrong with shutter bombs

Original Shutter Bomb (EG WP40)
Ana G. (Phoenix, US)
Twin Gender Reveal !!

It was so exciting to find out what we are having ! These bombs are great! Very vibrant colors plus the amount of smoke that comes out of them is awesome 😊

Original Shutter Bomb (EG WP40)
Ariana P. (Stockton, US)
Sac State Grad Photo Sess 💚💛

Absolutely LOVE these bombs!!!! So easy to use and colors are so vibrant!!! So happy I got these bombs 💚💛

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs - Discrete Labels
Monica H. (Mt Pleasant, US)
Gender reveal

We used the shutter bomb for my daughter’s gender reveal. It was great! I would recommend this product to anyone. It was very vibrant color and lasted for a good amount of time and it was easy to use.


We used these smoke bombs for our wedding and they were AMAZING!!!! They lasted forever, didn’t stain our clothes and had vibrant color and ample smoke output!!

The Big Daddy Smoke Bomb (EG18x)
Kelly M. (Big Lake, US)

We bought these for our gender reveal party. I had a feeling it was going to be a boy because shutter bombs did not offer pink in the BIG DADDY size. I was right!! It was a BOY, the bombs went off and smoked out the entire neighborhood! It was Amazing. Thank you shutter bombs for making our gender reveal one we will never forget!

Smok'em if you got'em

My family really loves the smoke. The neighbors even came out to see what was going on. We are about out and will have to stock up again before the 4th of July.

Amazing color

We used for a gender reveal. They were perfect! Colors were vibrant!! Will be purchasing more for colorful family photos.

Loved it!

Easy to use and smoke colors were vibrate and lasted long enough to get nice photos!


we loved it so much we love the colors