Green Smoke Bombs - Smoke Bombs for Photography

Green Smoke Bomb

Green Smoke Bombs for photography

Green smoke bombs for photography

Green smoke bombs can be used  for so many occasions. They can be used on St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Graduation Photos, School colors, team colors and Christmas photos to name a few. If green is your favorite color, you can also use them for senior pictures, weddings, Irish events, football and sports entrances, team pictures and whatever you so desire.

Looking for a way to add some cool effects to your next photo shoot? Colored smoke bombs are the perfect way to spice up and enhance any picture, especially when it comes to adding more drama and flair!

If you're looking for a way to add some cool effects to your next photo shoot, colored smoke bombs are the perfect way to spice up and enhance any picture. Smoke adds more drama and flair than you can imagine. It adds a unique twist, adding color, style, and a cool effect that will have everyone wanting more!

Smoke bombs come in an assortment of colors. For example: green smoke bombs are one of the most popular colors used in photography as they give pictures a dramatic effect and gives them a nice pop of color. Not only do they come in different colors but they also come in different sizes as well.This all depends on how long you would like the smoke to last.

Occasions & Ideas for Green Colored Smoke Sticks

  • Wedding photography. Imagine a bride and groom emerging through the cloud of smoke as they walk down the aisle on their big day, or just add smoke bombs to any wedding portraits for an extra pop of color.
  • Family photoshoots. For a more family friendly option, use green smoke in your next family photoshoot for a touch of whimsy. 
  • Graduation photos. Your graduation photos are one of those events where you really want to get it right, so why not add some color? Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, our colored smoke bombs will make your photos stand out from the crowd! Is green part of your school color, or it can just be your favorite color! 
  • Engagement photos. Planning your engagement photos? Take them up a notch with some colored smoke bombs! They add that extra oomph that makes the pictures unforgettable!
  • Do you enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? If so, consider adding a green smoke bomb to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration or in a parade. What better way to celebrate the holiday while wearing your green attire!

Wedding photography - If you're a wedding photographer this is something you must have in your bag of tricks! Add some extra color and drama to your portraits or use them during the reception.

Weddings are the perfect place to use smoke bombs. They add color and drama, and they can be used in the outdoor ceremony or at the outdoor reception. If you're a wedding photographer, having some on hand is a great way to add an extra flair to photos. I always keep them in my camera bag if I know I'm going to an outdoor wedding.

Family photoshoots - These are also popular among families who are looking to do some themed pictures or just want some fun photos.

Family photoshoots are also popular among families who are looking to do some themed pictures or just want some fun photos. These are fun for everyone involved, especially the kids. Having green smoke in your family photos will make the family photo a momentous occasion that you can have forever. A smoke bomb makes for a great prop in family photos. It's a novel way to add color, creativity, drama and fun to your portraits. Popular among families who are looking to do some themed pictures. All you need is a green smoke bomb and some creativity. Make sure to check with wind direction when planning on your outdoor photoshoot.

Pre-prom pictures - It's a pre-prom tradition for couples to get dressed up and have their pictures taken before heading out to the dance. Adding a smoke bomb is an awesome way to add a unique twist on that tradition! Don't forget about graduation photos too!

Are you getting ready for pre-prom pictures? Smoke bombs are an awesome way to add a unique twist on that tradition! What teenagers would not like a smoke bomb in their prom pictures. Have the couple pose in the forefront and have the smoke bomb in the background to make it a one of a kind photo that you will never forget. Dazzle your friends with smoke bombs in your prom pictures. Be sure to always use caution and have a container of water near by to put your smoke bombs in when you are finished.

Green smoke bombs make for great effects in photos

With the variety of colors we offer, you can find a color to fit any occasion. Green smoke bombs are great for St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween photo shoots! You can also use green smoke bombs for photography if you need an extra pop of color in your photos. Green smoke is also a popular color for wedding pictures, as it helps to add a fun and unique element to the shoot. Are you having an Irish themed wedding? Green smoke bomb will be a tribute to your Irish ancestery. Green smoke bombs coupled with bag pipes would make for an amazing Irish wedding.

Green Smoke Bombs for concealment

If you are a paintball enthusiast, green smoke bombs are great for concealment for your outdoor paintball game, or for concealment from your enemy.

Green smoke bombs for St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than by using green smoke bombs for your fun St. Patrick’s day photos. Wear your green tie, your green shirt and best of all have your green smoke bomb in the background or hold the green smoke bomb and frame yourself or use the green smoke to frame your couple photoshoot for St. Patrick’s Day. How fun would green smoke be in your extraordinary St. Patrick’s Day photos or videos. Make it special and memorable by adding green smoke to your celebration.

Halloween Photoshoots with Green Smoke Bombs

Green smoke bombs are a fun way to add color to your Halloween Photoshoots. Green smoke bombs emimtting from  an orange carved pumpkin is a sight to see! Simply carve your pumpkin in a happy, goofy or scary way and add a green smoke bomb. Use the carved pumpkin alone or with a subject and you can create the perfect Halloween photo. Green smoke with witches and skeletons, Frankenstein or monsters is a perfect Halloween addition to any photohoot.There are so many ways to use green smoke bombs at Halloween. Just get creative! Position and peek out from the green smoke with your scary Halloween mask or just make it fun with a green smokey background with your carved pumpkins. Putting a green smoke bomb in a white or orange pumpkin creates the perfect carved pumpkin. Putting on a scary Halloween mask, or applying  Halloween make-up along with a green smoke bomb in your photo is a perfect way to finish off your Halloween photoshoot. All you need is a mask or make-up and you let the green smoke make the photo awesome.