Shutter Bombs Featured in Drake Music Video!

Last year in October we were sitting in the office and we get a phone call from a creative director in Houston, Texas. They wanted to know how quick we could have 100 red Shutter Bombs to her, after a quick conversation we sent her package out and had it there in two days. The day after the package arrived she called us back and asked if we had bigger Shutter Bombs, which we do...but we do not sell these to the public because how much smoke the emit. So she sent the Original Shutter Bombs back and we sent her the massive Shutter Bombs.

I was very curious what they were using all of these Shutter Bombs for, so I asked. We were unable to get a strait answer from them, all we got was "It's for the father of Kyle Jenners child and someone who used to date Rhianna." Me having no knowledge of pop-culture I did some research online and found the names. 

At first we thought there is no way Drake are going to be using our smoke bombs. But after the music video dropped we couldn't believe it, they lit up all of downtown Houston with Shutter Bombs.