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Shutter Bombs Featured in Local News Story

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Guin is a junior at the University of New Mexico and is a star of the University’s Venture Lab, a live/work/play area for students interested in being entrepreneurs, which is located inside theLobo Rainforest in downtown Albuquerque. “When I was in middle school, there are pictures of me ditching books out of my backpack and then filling it with candy bars to sell it,” said Guin. In his time at UNM, Guin has created two successful companies. “The first one is ‘Pencil-In’. It’s a mobile application where we’ve invented the world’s first photo to calendar entry method,” said Guin. Essentially, you take a picture of any printed out schedule or event and it instantly adds it to your...

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