Smoke Grenades for Paintball and Airsoft

Smoke Grenades for Paintball and Airsoft


Best Smoke Bombs for Airsoft and Paintball

Paintball is an indoor and outdoor playing game in which paintball is used to eliminate your opponent. In contrast, the spherical plastic projectile shot is aimed at your opponent with the mock air weapon in the airsoft. The paintball and airsoft smoke grenades make this more exciting and can also spruce up the game by handing you an unfair advantage over your opponent. These lightweight devices explode and release smoke, disorienting your opponent and blurring their vision; they obviously can’t see the target clearly and waste their paintballs. You can use this valuable time and take the attacking position to eliminate your opponent.


Pyrotechnic grenades

Pyrotechnic grenades are commonly used for paintball and airsoft sports that will do small explosives with a striking mechanism. The primary composition of these smoke grenades is potassium chlorate, lactulose, and coloring dye, making them practical and environment friendly. This will help to cover the open space to move forward for the team or the concealment, and retreat will be a win-win situation. These grenades are designed to safely eliminate the player while providing the team with a realistic battlefield.


Development of pyrotechnic grenades

Enola Gaye is the first company that introduces these frag grenades in paintball and airsoft. Gradually, these smoke grenades were developed and available in different colors, sizes, styles, and noise types.


Colored smoke grenades

Colored smoke grenades are available in shuttle booms. They will provide a realistic battlefield image, and the colors may increase the chances of winning. So the company only has white and grey smoke bombs, which make clear hints for opponents because of their prominence in colors. But the colored smoke will merge with the color of the paintball, and it will cause a problematic situation for the opponent to target. And you can take the attacking position, then target and eliminate them.


Buy the best smoke grenades near me

Shuttle bombs have been providing our customers with the best smoke grenades for years that are safe for them and the environment; we have the smoke grenades that pass all the strict checking and approving Tests in the US. Our collection has professional smoke bombs, dual vent, merica, rainbow color pack, and our original smoke bomb. We have been satisfying our customers for years and providing them the opportunity to create a winning situation for them.


Properties of our paintball and airsoft smoke grenades

Several properties of our smoke grenades make them the best in town and have 100% customer satisfaction.


Wire pull technology

Wire pull technology makes our smoke grenades value to the next level because it can use by every experience or nonexperience person easily…

Colors availability

We have almost 8 colors variety in every kind of smoke bomb and sell them in different pack sizes. This will make it easy for the customers to buy other colored smoke grenades and grenades according to their needs and choice.

Environment friendly

All our products are environmentally friendly because they are made of biodegradable material and safe composition. They won’t release any toxic gas harmful to heath, or even causes allergies.

Quality of clouds

 Our products have the fastest output rate for a short duration, and the quality of clouds that emit by our products is always dense, thick, and vibrant.

In what situation should you use our smoke grenades?

You can use our Paintball and airsoft grenades in two situations, either offensive or defensive.

Offensive strike

In an offensive situation, you should aim your smoke bomb in the position where you clear the opponent to hunker down in a bunker quickly. In this, you should keep your marker ready while removing the safety cap and pulling the wire. Then throw the paintball grenade in the bunker, and all the opponent’s team members eliminate it simultaneously.

Defensive situation for smoke grenades

The smoke bombs will not only help in striking situations but also in defense. When you are running out of time, and your team members are continually eliminating in this smoke grenade will buy time for you. They blur your opponent’s vision, and you or your team members will again go to the safe positions.

Best way to use smoke bombs for paintball

Our smoke grenades are so handy to use and make you a winner if you use them right or place. They are straightforward to use, and you need to pull the wire or the pin and throw it at your opponent. First, you need to remove the safety cap to expose the firing wire, and pulling the wire emits the clouds for a minimum of 40 seconds to a maximum of 90 seconds.

Proper handling of this will make it the best part of your team strategy, and you need to learn from handling it to throwing it firmly.


Proper gripping of the smoke bomb is the key to unleashing its potency on the opponent; without it, you cannot aim the bomb.

Grip the paintball grenade in the palm and fingers so that the safety cap protrudes between the thumb and index finger.

Hold the grenade in the right hand and remove the safety cap from the left hand to access the wire for ignition.

Hold the wire from the left hand and then yank it straight towards you tightly.

Then throw it at your opponent.

Our best smoke bombs for paintball and airsoft

We have a wide range of smoke booms for our customers, but the dual vent smoke bomb is the best for paintball. It tends to emit smoke from both sides of the cylinder to fill the space in almost 30 seconds. A dual vent smoke bomb emits the thick, dense, vibrant clouds in 30 seconds with just the wire pull technology. It is biodegradable and viable in pack sizes so that you can add your favorite colors with fast output and short duration. It weighs just 0.265lbs and 50g NEC with the Enola Gaye burst smoke.


Are our paintball and airsoft smoke grenades legal?

If you have permission, you can use our paintball and airsoft smoke grenades everywhere. The general public can surely use it for Halloween and movie production theme parties.