Best Smoke Bombs for Gopher Infestation - Using Smoke Grenades

Best Smoke Bombs for Gopher Infestation - Using Smoke Grenades

Why should you use Smoke bombs for gopher removal?

Gophers are a nightmare for the property owner and farmers because they can destroy their entire investment in a shorter time. They are ubiquitous in areas where the soil is porous and has adequate drainage. They damage the property because of their feeding and burrowing habits. And it would be best if you watched for the typical gopher presence on your property. Suppose you find marking plug tunnel entries in soil, clipped trees, root damage, loss of irrigation, and moisture. Because of the tunnel, and most importantly, gnawed in electrical and water lines for sprinkler and irrigation.

So now the question is how smoke bombs will aid us for gopher removal? These smoke bombs for gopher removal are placed near the burrow on ignition of the toxic sulfur gas produced and filled the chamber, which suffocates them.

Why are gopher bombs not effective?

Gopher’s bombs, also known as rodent smoke bombs, have gained popularity over the last few decades but are not as effective as excited. They are expensive, ineffective, and often need many packs to kill the gophers. They are just simple cartridges filled with different gases, including potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, sulphur, and carbon which ultimately form the sulphur oxide and suffocate the gophers. Fire activates the smoke bomb, and the entire procedure begins.

They were available in the pack of 4 and 6 online and local stores, but they are not enough for more extensive properties and a larger network of tunnels. These smoke bomb for gopher removal has the main disadvantage and risk is the fire risk, which can destroy entire property. You can't use it near the tree roots and inside structures because it will cause all the eatable poisoning grown in that area.

Use the Shutter smoke bombs for gopher removal.

They are the best in town because of their efficacy and biodegradable product, which is also safer for the environment. It would be best  if you had no fire to activate these smoke bombs; in contrast, they have ring pull properties, making them easy to use. There is no remaining cartridge after usage, making the environment safe for children and pets afterwards.

There are effective because you can use them near the roots and under the trees without harming the food. The smoke bombs are in rainbow colors, so you can see the leakage of the tunnel by visible smoke and seal it with the soil. These smoke bombs for gopher removal release the gas well-controlled to make it robust and fast.

Here is the list of some products of shuttle bombs so that you can select the best one for gophers’ removal safely.

Original shuttle bomb

It emits enormous nontoxic clouds for 90 sec, so you can quickly seal the leaking area of the tunnel during this time duration. The clouds are super vibrant and dense, making it easier for you to use with simple pull ring ignition; it has nine different vibrant colors, which make this process more effective and productive. It has the E

Dual vent rainbow packs smoke grenades.

A dual vent rainbow pack creates a win-win situation in the gopher’s removal.  Because it will emit the dense, vibrant nontoxic gas for up to 20 seconds, both sides of the smoke bomb activate by simply pulling the ring from one side and placing it in the tunnel. They have a fast output, short duration, and instant cloud of size 3 to make this process more effective. It has a light weight of 0.265 lbs. Enola Gaye Brust smoke with NEC 50g. there are available in the pack size of 7, 14, 21, and 28 for just 78.75$, 161$, 241.5$, and 322$.

Big daddy smoke bomb


 Will the Shutter smoke bomb stains my clothes?

If you stay near the smoke bombs for gopher removal after activating this, it will stain your clothes. Standing 2 to 3 feet from the smoke bomb is recommended to save your clothes.