Black Smoke Bombs - Colored Smoke Bombs and Smoke Sticks

Blue Smoke Grenade

Black Smoke Bombs for Weddings

Black smoke bombs are a great way to add drama to your wedding photos.

The photos created can become a great memory for years to come! They add a dramatic and formal feeling in the background. Combined with white smoke bombs 

Black Smoke Bombs for Photo Shoots

Smoke bombs can be used for a variety of activities such as photography, and special effects in movies, weddings, parties and military exercises. Black Smoke bombs  also make a great back drop for Halloween shoots.

Some people use smoke bombs for photo shoots because they provide a dramatic effect. To create the best images with smoke bombs, use black smoke canisters to give a mysterious and ethereal appearance to your photos. The black smoke from our smoke bombs will not reflect light on the subject you are photographing so that it does not interfere with the image.

Black also allows you to play more with color. When paired with bright colors like red or yellow, black provides a bold contrast that is sure to captivate your audience.

Black Smoke Bomb for Photography

Smoke bombs are the perfect tool for adding drama to your photos. The billowing smoke adds a ton of texture and depth, making for beautiful results every time. 

Black Smoke Bomb for Birthday Parties

While we love using our colored smoke bombs for fun in the yard or at birthday parties, our black smoke bomb is great for any type of photography!

Black Smoke Bombs for Special Effects

Black smoke bombs are used for special effects, including in movies and other film productions, theatre, music videos and live performances. Black smoke is so versatile in any video production or photoshoot.

Black smoke bombs are also great to use for car, motorcyle, and military photos. 

Military Black Smoke Bombs

Military black smoke bombs are used for signaling, diversionary devices and smoke screens. Black smoke bombs are often used with incendiary devices to delay or divert emergency response personnel. 

These devices produce large quantities of black smoke which is useful when you need a distraction or diversionary device. They can also be used for training purposes such as police officers learning how to enter a burning building or military personnel practicing operations in an environment where there is thick black smoke that might impair their vision and hearing. Black smoke can be vital for training purposes.

Fun Halloween Black Smoke Bombs

Most smoke bombs are colored, but there are also fun black smoke bombs.The fun part is for trying to create a spooky, dark Halloween photo, as a background, or billowing out of a pumpkin head. The black and orange look is a classic Halloween photo. The black smoke can also be used in a caldron. A photo with a witch stirring a cauldron with black smoke is classic. Get creative! Dressing up as a skeleton for Halloween with a black smoke bomb in the background is a perfect way to create the perfect Halloween photo. Carve your pumpkin and place a black smoke bomb in the middle of the pumpkin you just carved. The black smoke looks great in either a traditional orange pumpkin or for even more drama use a white carved pumpkin. 

Black smoke bombs are perfect for any occasion, photo shoot, wedding, party or military use.

Black smoke bombs are the perfect addition to any celebration, whether it's a birthday party, wedding, photo shoot or military training exercise. I know what you're thinking - "How can something so exciting and fun be used for military training?" Well, let me tell you. This is because black smoke bombs are a non-pyrotechnic device that is not only great for parties but also has been used by military personnel as training devices. They are safe, easy to use and they produce large volumes of thick black smoke quickly. So don't wait! Get yours today! You won't regret it.

Black Smoke Bombs for Football  and Sports Entrance

Black smoke is a great addition for your football entrances. The black smoke could signify power or simply just part of your school colors, such as orange and black for the Cincinnati 

Bengals. The  smoke will definitely draw attention to the grand entrance onto the field.It also gets the players fired up for the win. You can use the smoke for all sports entrances. You could also use it every time a touchdown, home run or  a soccer goal is scored. Use smoke bombs for your team pictures as well. Have your football players run thru a tunnel of black smoke for that memorable entrance.

Black Smoke Bombs for “Death to my” photoshoots

Death to my Twenties, Thirties, Forties, Fifties and Sixties for every decade birthday is a great way to celebrate birthdays. For an outdoor party right before the cake is brought out is a great dramatic way to celebrate your birthday party. Black smoke bomb billowing in the background also makes for a great birthday party photoshoot with all of your friends. That would be a birthday photo to remember

Black Smoke Sticks for Couples Photoshoots

Black smoke for Couple Photography is the best! As you can see in the above photos, it adds just the right amount of allure to the couples photoshoot. Both women in the photos are wearing black dresses. This kind of photo is a keeper. You can either have the black smoke in the background or in the forefront. Just be sure to have your photographer time it just right and keep the shutter clicking to capture the perfect moment. It almost gives it a dream-like feeling.

Why is Shipping so Expensive?

When we ship smoke bombs they are considered hazmat material which is a very regulated product to ship. There are many regulations and rules in transporting hazardous materials and these rules must be followed. In order for the courier to deliver these types of products we must follow their guidelines and of course are required to do so. In order to make the order worth your while it is best to order more units. Please remember our smoke bombs keep for up to six years if stored in a dry environment.

Can I bring smoke bombs on airplanes or check them in baggage?

This question comes up time and time again. The answer is no, no, and no. You cannot check them in baggage and you cannot bring them on airplanes. They are considered hazardous material and you will be fined.