Colored Smoke for Photography - Read This to Take Amazing Pictures

How to Use Colored Smoke for Photography - Tips for Amazing Colored Smoke Pictures

Smoke bomb photography recently became a popular photography technique because of the increased level of creativeness it adds to the shots. Smoke bombs create a colored smoke effect that gives a vibrant twist on the background. It is a go-to accessory for photographers during shoots because smoke bombs are very handy. It comes in sizes of a stick, a can, or a grenade form. You may be curious how the smoke effect comes out from the smoke bombs and may think that it would require a lot of work, but most are simply ignited with just a pull of a pin.

Can you use smoke bombs in public?

Yes, you can use smoke bombs in public! However, use your best judgement when it comes to where in public you are using them. Probably not a great idea to light them off in the middle of a busy intersection as you'd be causing harm to the public. Probably a great idea to find a park and gather all your friends to enjoy the smoke show!

Are colored smoke bombs illegal?

No, colored smoke bombs are not illegal! In fact, you can use them in all 50 states. 

Do colored smoke bombs stain? 

Yes, smoke bombs can stain. However, smoke bombs will only stain If you are pointing the smoke bomb directly at your clothing within 6 inches. If you are using a smoke bomb, and the smoke is blowing away from you but the wind blows it back, the smoke bomb will not stain or leave residue.

Can civilians own colored smoke grenades?

Absolutely! Civilians can own colored smoke grenades, just remember to use them wisely and not disturb the public with them. For example, lighting a smoke grenade off in the middle of an intersection would not be a great idea.

Choosing the Right Colored Smoke Bomb

There are different kinds of smoke bombs that vary according to the cloud size, duration, density, and activation. This is why you must look into the description of the smoke bombs you wish to purchase so you can be sure that you get the right one for your photoshoot. Here are some of the main components of the smoke bombs you must consider:

Smoke Cloud Size


This tells how long the smoke plumes stay before it disappears. Smoke bombs usually last for about a minute, approximately 60-90 seconds. Most smoke bombs indicate their duration on their cans so it is important to check that out. There are also burst smoke bombs available which deliver the full amount of smoke instantly but lasts shortly (at around 30 seconds).


Smoke bombs with the ring pull technology are the easiest to diffuse. You do not need any lighter to ignite it because all you have to do is pull the ring. Some smoke bombs, however, come with an external fuse. It varies from different kinds of smoke bombs really, all you have to do is follow its activation instructions as is, to ensure safety upon ignition.

Smoke Bombs vs. Smoke Grenades - Is There a Difference?

The difference between a smoke bomb and a smoke grenade would be the amount of smoke it emits. Smoke grenades produce a more massive amount of smoke and the duration of plumes can last to up to 3 minutes. These are often used when shooting a movie for a scene that requires a large amount of smoke as props in the background. Smoke grenades offer a more cinematic effect and are best used when your image or video is taken over a large frame composition, while a smoke bomb is enough if you are just shooting near the subject which requires a smaller frame composition. Sometimes, smoke grenades are also more complex to use because they are ignited via an external fuse rather than just pulling a pin which works for smoke bombs.

Colored Smoke Grenades for Photographers

If you are aiming for massive size and denser consistency of smoke, you may check products such as the Professional Smoke Bomb and the Big Daddy Smoke Bomb of the Shutter Bombs. It produces a large cloud size of EG 18 and EG 18x which is three to four times the size of a micro smoke bomb. Even if it emits a larger amount of smoke, it still offers the ring pull feature making it hassle-free to use. It can last from around 40 seconds to as long as 90 seconds and is available in 8 different colors. They're also FANTASTIC for spooky season, as we have a huge assortment of bundles and packs on our smoke bombs for halloween

Where to Get the Best Smoke Bombs for Amazing Photos

When talking about the best smoke bomb, you can never go wrong with Shutter Bombs. This brand produces high-quality smoke bomb products at very affordable prices. The smoke that comes out from its smoke bombs is 100% safe because it is made with non-toxic chemicals. Their smoke bombs come in 9 different vibrant colors of yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, pink, black, and white. Plus, it can easily be used because of its ring pull feature, meaning you just simply have to pull the ring for it to ignite and produce the smoke effect.

Tips to Remember: Smoke Bomb Photography

The only challenge you may encounter during smoke bomb photography is when and on what angle to pull off the smoke bomb during the shoot. Your photos may come out not as what you expected the first time, but do not worry because, after some practice, you will surely get better at it. Here are some tips to always remember:

  • Ensure safety first. Stay away from any flammable materials when diffusing a smoke bomb. Always follow the safety precautions indicated.
  • Plan your theme ahead of time. When you know your theme, you can better decide on the type and color of the smoke bomb to use to ensure its compatibility with your theme.
  • Prepare the set-up beforehand. The lighting, stage settings, and even the subject or model/s must be prepared ahead of time. Everything will be quick during the shoot once the smoke bomb is ignited.

Enjoy the shoot. Doing smoke bomb photography is a lot of fun. Be free and just enjoy the shoot even when things get messy.

Rainbow Smoke Bomb Background

You've seen all the amazing smoke bomb pictures with the rainbow background. Our Rainbow smoke bombs are the ones used for these amazing colored photos! Although, I will admit that it's much harder than it looks to be able to get all those smoke bombs ignited for the perfect photo.


Choosing Colors for Your Photoshoot

There are a wide variety of colored smoke bombs you can pick from, 9 of them to be exact! Each color can be used however you'd like, and you can create several different moods/vibes depending on the color.

White Smoke Bombs

White smoke bombs are great for weddings and create a very "mystical" vibe, sort of like a dream land.

Black Smoke Bombs

Black smoke bombs are create for halloween, pumpkin smoke bombs, or for concealment for paintball and airsoft games.

Blue Smoke Bombs

Blue smoke bombs are PERFECT for gender reveals, high school football games, or just for some plain' ol fun!

Green Smoke Bombs

Green smoke bombs are one of our most popular colored smoke bombs for creating the amazing smoking pumpkin photos.

Orange Smoke Bombs

Orange is another great smoke bomb for creating awesome halloween photoshoots, or for your local high school football team.

Pink Smoke Bombs

Obviously great for gender reveals or maternity photo shoots!

Purple Smoke Bombs

One of our most vibrant colored smoke bombs out there!

Red Smoke Bombs

Great for skydivers as it's vibrant enough to see from the ground.


Another really vibrant color that looks great for celebrations, weddings, or your forest type photoshoots.