Halloween Photoshoot Ideas for Couples - Spooky Season Inspiration

Halloween Smoke Bombs

Couple Photoshoot Ideas for Halloween

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Couple Photoshoot Ideas! Using a dual vent black smoke bomb, skeleton make-up, black clothes and a no wind situation created a perfect black smokey frame of perfection. A photo keeper for sure or to post on social media. If you're looking for pumpkin head photoshoot ideas, check our other blog posts for inspiration! 

Cute Colored Smoke Bomb Photo for Couples

Love this Halloween couple photoshoot! Two orange smoke bombs placed on each side creates the perfect frame and perfect photo for Halloween, autumn or anytime. No costumes needed to capture this photo.

Pumpkin Head Photoshoot

Two carved pumpkins, a couple of flannel shirts, a wooded background and a green smoke bomb creates this cool Halloween photo. The smoke bomb was used as a background to create the spooky feel. Love this!

Couple Halloween Photoshoot Ideas

A couple, a motorcycle, a skeleton passenger, skeleton make-up, love vibes and a white smoke bomb in the background makes this Halloween smoke bomb photo one to remember. This is one jaw dropping composition which would be easy to duplicate with your own car or bike, skeleton passenger and smoke bomb of your choice.

Smoking Pumpkin Photo

The balance of the cloudy day along with the background purple smoke bomb couldn’t be more perfect. This couple holding a white carved pumpkin together with matching skeleton make-up, formal wear creates a stunning photograph for anyone to recreate. Perfect your smoking pumpkin photos by checking out our other halloween tips

Pumpkin Head Photoshoot Ideas

Great idea to use a purple smoke bomb in a pumpkin! So colorful! Skeleton make-up attire of your choice. This couple looks great in a suit and a dress and the beautiful purple smoke bomb. Easy to recreate.

Romantic Halloween Photoshoot Idea with Colored Smoke Bomb

Who doesn’t love kissing in a smokey green fog? Set your green smoke bomb on the ground and kiss. What could be better? Kiss quickly before the smoke takes over. If you can beat out the smoke, you can capture a very cool picture. Scary or romantic?

Smoking Pumpkin Head Trend

Are they smiling under their smiling carved pumpkins? You be the judge. Grab a couple smoke bombs, put on your carved pumpkin heads and seize the moment. This couple used red and blue smoke bombs, posed and landed the cool carved pumpkin photo. 

Halloween Couples Halloween Photo

This couple photoshoot is amazing with fabulous make-up, red suspenders, a bow tie and the best of all , our orange smoke bomb. This smoke bomb finished off this photo in the coolest way and a perfect use case for halloween smoke bombs.

Halloween Photoshoot with Colored Smoke Bomb

I love how our smoke bombs can make any photo alluring and romantic. The smokey background captures all the love. Lay down the white smoke bomb in the background and kiss your partner. A photo to remember for Halloween or anytime.

Colored Smoke Bomb Photoshoot

Skeleton make up, a loving look and a white smoke bomb is what was used for this photo. That’s all you need to compose this imaginative photoshoot for Halloween, and of course someone you love.

Smoke Grenade Backdrop

Spooky Season Smoke Bombs

Upside down or right side up? However you want to compose your Halloween photo will work. A couple of smoke bombs in the background will frame the photo and you can decide how you want to hold your partner. This couple used a white smoke bomb and an orange smoke bomb to perfect the composition.

Romantic Spooky Season Photoshoot

Easy no-costume needed with carved pumpkins on your head. Holding hands with smoke bombs in the background create the perfect Halloween couple photo. Too cute. You can use any color smoke bomb for this.

Halloween Photoshoot Ideas

Make your Halloween couple photoshoot smoking hot with red smoke bombs in the background. This couple decided on skeleton make-up in a wooded environment. The red smoke bombs are perfect  for constructing this red-hot photo.

Halloween Wedding Inspiration

How perfect is this photo? A beautiful dress, a loving pose, a kiss  and an orange smoke bomb in the background constructs a lovely couple photoshoot for fall. 

Stunning Halloween Smoke Bomb Photo

A stunning red dress and a red smoke bomb in a carved pumpkin with skeleton face…. Perfection. Love this! Just place a red smoke bomb in a carved pumpkin. Keeping the lid on the pumpkin will control the smoke. The timing on this photo was perfect. The smoke matches the dress! 

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