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Pink Smoke Bombs

Pink Smoke Bombs

Pink Smoke Bombs make for great photos 

Smoke bomb for gender reveals is the new trend for this year! Most of us just take pictures with our iPhones. That being said, I wanted to provide some tips for you all on taking smoke bomb photos!

There are many places around town that are perfect for smoke bomb photos, or maybe you will find somewhere new! Always use smoke bombs outdoors and be aware of the wind direction. They are ideal to use on a calm day. If you need to use them on a windy day, be sure to hold them away from your face and your subject, as to not hide the main focus of your photo. It is best to have a disposal container ideally filled with water as the smoke bombs may be warm after use. Fields, back yards, parks, soccer games, parties, gender reveal parties in any outdoor space is a great way to reveal the sex of your baby. Just be sure to plan ahead, figure out where you would like the smoke to fall and decide if you would like the smoke to be forefront or in the background. It is a good idea to have extra smoke bombs to capture that perfect photo.

Sometimes, it's hard to decide where to take smoky pictures. Here's a list of some places that are great for pink smoke bomb photography!

  • Fields
  • Back Yards
  • Beach
  • Park
  • City
  • Mountains
  • Bridge
  • Creek
  • Forest
  • Suburbs (driveways, cul-de-sac) just about anywhere with an open or large space outdoors. In the end, the best place to take pictures is in nature: places like parks, forests, mountainsides and beaches are always great choices!

Smoke Bomb photography tips

It is always a good idea to check the wind direction, use gloves when handling the smoke bombs and have a container with water for when you are finished using the smoke bombs.

Think about the mood you are trying to achieve. Do you prefer the dramatic look with lots of billowing smoke, background smoke or you can also use  the smoke to frame your picture.

First and foremost do not use smoke bombs indoors. Do not point the smoke bombs at your subject’s clothing and be mindful of placing a hot smoke bomb on dry and dead grass as you do not want to start a fire. Use common sense when using these and there is a small spark. Plan ahead and think about what kind of photo you are trying to create. The smoke bombs can be used to create a whimsical look, a romantic look, drama or even a dream-like mook. You can heavy clouds of smoke for drama and use it as a background for a whimsical look. You can use flash and also try it with natural lighting. It is better to have a few extra to dry different looks. You can actually add smoke bomb in the background to hide scenery! It all depends on you, the photographer,  and the look you are trying to achieve. Smoke bombs are an innovative way to create that one-of-a-kind-photo. Play with your shutter speeds. Use slower shutter speeds to create drama. In most cases a faster shutter speed is usually used for capturing details.

Smoke Bomb Use Cases

Smoke bombs are excellent for all sorts of purposes. Below are some common uses for pink smoke bombs:

  • Photography
  • Events
  • Gender reveals
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays (like Halloween or Easter)
  • Costumes and cosplay
  • Team Entrances
  • Graduation Photos
  • Senior Photos
  • Halloween Photos
  • Family Reunion Photos
  • Family Photos
  • Engagement Photos
  • Soccer Goal celebrations
  • Home Run celebrations
  • Fourth of July Celebrations

Smoke Bomb Inspiration

Smoke bombs come in a variety of colors, including pink. In the article below, we'll share some ideas and inspiration for using pink smoke bombs in your photography.

There are many ways that you can use a pink smoke bomb in your photography. You can use it to create an overall colored mist, or you can incorporate it into a shoot as a prop. Here are some suggestions for how to use pink smoke bombs:

  • Get creative with props and set pieces: If you're shooting a still life scene for example and want to add some color and interest, consider placing the smoke bomb on the surface that you're photographing instead of just setting them off at random intervals during the shoot.
  • Emphasize certain objects with colored light: If you want to feature an object but don't want to overpopulate your frame with too many props or other elements, consider highlighting it by adding colored light from the side or behind it. This will make the object stand out more than other elements in your shot such as people standing next to each other. 
  • Pink smoke bombs can add a feminine touch to your photoshoots.
  • Pink smoke bombs are great to use for Easter backgrounds and also for Breast Cancer Awareness Photoshoots.

Pink Smoke Bombs for Gender Reveals

If you’re looking for some gender reveal inspiration, consider using a pink smoke bomb. It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require any clean up! There are so many ways to use pink smoke bombs for your gender reveal party. You can hold them in your hand at arm’s length for everyone to see, or have a friend have them hold the smoke bomb behind you for a photo op. This is such an exciting time and we love seeing how creative people get with their photos. Have the couple cover up their eyes and stand behind them with the gender reveal smoke, so they can be surprised, or have them ignite the surprise gender reveal smoke bombs. Be ready to capture the moment! Celebrate your special gender reveal moment with our smoke bombs. You will have a forever memory that is unmatched.

Pink smoke bomb inspiration

  • You can use pink smoke bombs for beautiful wedding photos.
  • Pink smoke bombs are perfect for gender reveal photos.
  • Pink smoke bombs can be used to add a romantic mood to couple’s photos.
  • Pink smoke bombs make fun graduation photos.
  • You can use pink smoke bombs in a photo shoot with your pets and/or children! Just be sure to point the smoke away from your subject, especially pets and children.
  • Pink Smoke Bombs are perfect for senior pictures.
  • Does your child love to dress up as a princess? Have someone have the pink smoke bomb in the background and delight your child with the special effects the pink smoke can add.
  • Pink smoke for a beach photoshoot is spectacular and unforgettable.
  • Pink Smoke Bombs are a great way to honor Breast Cancer Awareness for a fundraiser

Where to buy pink smoke bombs

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Are Smoke Bombs Legal in My State?

Be sure to check your local government and their laws for using smoke bombs. States have different regulations because of fire hazards. Places like national parks do not allow smoke bombs. Always use care when using smoke bombs. Do not ever point them towards your subject’s face. Always use common sense when igniting a smoke bomb.