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"Completely blow other smoke bombs out of the water. Products shipped on time, Jake (the owner) Is awesome to deal with. Perfect for awesome presents, celebrations, or really anytime you want to get a bunch of "Ooos" and "ahhhhs" - Highly recommend! "
Stan W. from Nevada

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colored smoke grenades: Why us?

90 Second Duration

Despite being the size of a soup can, our Original Shutter Bomb emits smoke for up to 90 seconds.

Certified for Use

Our products have passed strict government tests in the USA and are legal in all states.

Easy to Use

With our wire-pull technology, simply just pull the pin to the side to ignite, no lighter needed!

9 Vibrant Colors

Red, yellow, green, purple, orange, blue, white, black, and pink.

Non-Toxic Smoke

Non-toxic smoke - safety first! Our smoke bombs also include a fully biodegradable body.

Fill the air with joy.
Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

We listened to your feedback and the discrete labeled smoke bombs are here! The only way to find out the gender is to pull the pin, the rest is what we call history.

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"Great value high quality smoke bombs which add depth and mystery to any photo shoot" - Shotkit

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Red Dual Vent Smoke Bomb
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