Looking for Christmas Themed Pictures? Here is Your Guide to Christmas Themed Smoke Bomb Photography

Christmas themed pictures

Smoke bomb photography exploded in popularity in 2019 and, since then, it has become a go-to technique to create impactful photos. For instance, Pinterest hailed smoke bomb photography as one of the top trends that year, considering that searches for this keyword rose by 436%. Many fell in love with smoke bomb photoshoots because of how they added dimension and color to the pictures. However, working with smoke bombs will take a lot of planning and preparation. So if you want to light up your Christmas pictures this year, here’s what you need to consider for your holiday-themed smoke bomb photoshoot:

Tips for Christmas-Themed Smoke Bomb Photoshoots

Mix and Match the Right Colors for the Theme

A Christmas-themed photoshoot would not be complete without the festive colors. On top of that, it is also very important to mix and match the right colors for the shoot because smoke bombs give out vibrant hues that will be prominent in the images. To illustrate, our Big Daddy Smoke Bomb can put out a variety of colors through a bigger and denser cloud of smoke. This high-output product can fill your shot with the classic green Christmas color in just 40 seconds. Pair that with our red variant, and you can easily emanate the holiday spirit!

Plan and Practice the Execution of the Smoke

After choosing the best smoke bomb for your shoot, you need to plan and practice the execution of your photos. This part is very important since the smoke output only lasts for a limited time. So if you want the smoke bomb to create clouds with little movement, then either your subject or your assistant must hold the smoke bomb. Additionally, you can ignite it on the ground to use it as a backdrop for the holiday-themed set. However, if you want to create images with trailing smoke clouds, your subject or assistant must move around with the smoke bomb.

Use the Right Equipment for the Smoke Bombs

Smoke unfurls very quickly, making it harder to capture on camera. Since smoke only lasts for less than a minute, you need camera equipment with a rapid shutter speed and high f-stop. Luckily, there's a whole selection of affordable cameras with these specifications to choose from. For example, the Canon EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera has a focal-plane shutter that can shoot as fast as 1/8000 seconds up to 8 fps. Another suitable option is the Nikon Z5 Mirrorless camera, which has wide aperture settings as well as a shutter speed that can reach 1/8000 of a second. By using a camera with the right features, you'll have better chances of taking great photographs.

Elevate the Location by Using Christmas Props

You can make your photoshoot more suitable for the holiday season by adding complementary Christmas props. When choosing props, you need to consider which ones would look best with the colored smoke. There are different outdoor decorations that you can mix and match. For instance, white string lighting and metallic Christmas decor would look great in a winter wonderland-themed set. Plus, the simple backdrop will emphasize the colors of the smoke bombs. You can also use large, colorful Christmas trees as a stationary prop and have the smoke bombs accentuate them.

Safety Reminders for the Smoke Bomb Photoshoot

Smoke bombs are great for creative photography, but you need to wield them correctly to avoid any accidents on set. That said, here are safety reminders you need to consider:

1. Teach your assistant or subject how to open the smoke bomb properly. They need to pull the ring straight out to release the smoke. However, they should keep the smoke bomb away from other people to avoid accidents, or even away from their clothing to prevent staining.

2. Shoot in an outdoor area where smoke bombs are allowed. This ensures that there will be enough ventilation so the smoke can spread out safely. But make sure to choose a place where passers-by won’t be affected by the smoke.

3. Pay attention to the weather and wind in the area. Strong winter winds can blow the smoke directly to people’s faces and affect the output of the smoke.

Smoke bombs can elevate your Christmas-themed photoshoot by adding dimension and pops of color to your final output. However, you need to learn how to work around the smoke bombs to ensure a safe and impactful photoshoot.